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Worship Without Limits

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Worship Without Limits (WWL)  movement was founded while Philip was a missionary to the former USSR, where he was part of a great worship revival and movement to reach youth. From the mission field of Russia God gave Philip Renner a burden for American and relocated with his family and two children in 2015 ( Read article in CCM Magazine about his worship outreach

From that time as a missionary to even more urgent now in the end time we are living in, Philip’s heart was to reach this generation for Jesus in a bold way. WHY is this important now?  In Philip’s book Worship Without limits he wrote the following three years ago and is even more timely today  …. I found a parallel between the young generation in the US and the older communist generation in Russia. Interestingly enough, the current spiritual crisis facing today’s young people in the United States is similar to that of the older Soviet generation.”  



Partner with us to bring Worship Without Limits / Awake the City event! 

All of the WWL events are FREE, but it takes prayer, volunteers and financial support for our team to come to a city.  Our WWL team provide sound production, security, food, travel.  Any help is appreciated to help us facilitate an event.   

  • Partner with us to impact your city, bring unity and proclaim Jesus!  If your interesting in hosting a outside worship event, know of resources- city officials, sound companies, churches to help us host.  We are looking to go to state capitols but will consider any city if you have a passion to reach your city. Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  


  • Attend a Worship Without Limits/ Awake The City  event by following our Facebook pages  
  • Have Philip Renner or a team member come speak at your church, partner with your worship team, have Renner Worship ministry event, or facilitate  a seminar in your city with your worship team or join with other churches to host an WWL event for worshp teams to learn first hand keys form his national book release, Worship Without Limits-  empower your team to change the atmosphere in your church and city contact:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Note- we do not have set fees and will consider all invitations on a love offering basis by faith, just ask if possible that travel, food, hotel are provided, if needed  


  • Partner with a gift of any size helps us to reach this generation for Jesus in a bold way. 

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