a-step-fwd-uk-christian-chartIt seems unbelievable that an American could be on the forefront of Russia’s worship and youth revival movement, considering what is in         the news and current political climate with Russia. Here is the good news: Today’s evangelical Russian church is thriving and a generation that was reached with the gospel in the 1990s are now leaders of a revival that is sweeping Eastern Europe.

Philip Renner, American missionary, worship leader, speaker, revivalist, award-winning recording artist and songwriter is at the forefront of this revival and leads Renner Worship and Renner Worship Music. With offices in Tulsa, OK, Nashville, TN, and Moscow, Russia, Phillip is part of a thriving missions aastepfwd-uk-chart-renner-storynd music ministry in former U.S.S.R and now U.S.

Renner Worship’s new project “Anthology: Songs for Revival” and anthem “We Cry Out” was birthed out of this worship mission’s calling of revival. Philip is the first national Russian language touring worship artist, teaching youth and churches how to create their own original worship in their church and city with a foundation of fasting and prayer. It is a unique calling for an American to be considered the ‘father of the modern worship movement in Russia and neighboring countries’.

Read more here –http://astepfwd.com/russia-love-american-philip-renner-russias-leading-worship-leader/

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