Dear Friend,

It’s such a joy to come to you once again to let you know what God did in our ministry in the month of September! But first I want to share with you something important that’s on my heart that I believe will help you in times of despair. 

What do we do when we find ourselves in the pit of despair? Jesus said that in this world, we would have troubles — but to be of good cheer, because He has overcome the world (see John 16:33)!

The psalmist David said, “Be merciful to me, O God, be merciful to me! For my soul trusts in You; And in the shadow of Your wings I will make my refuge, Until these calamities have passed by” (Psalm 57:1). 

Let’s look at that for a moment. David wrote this Psalm when he was in the cave of Adullam (see 1 Samuel 22:1). David was running from Saul, but he didn’t run far away. He was only 13 miles from his hometown of Bethlehem! This cave of Adullam was not geographically the place where David defeated Goliath, but on his way to this cave, David had to pass the field where he had taken down the giant. What a vivid reminder that would have been to David that God had been with him! Perhaps the thought crossed David’s mind, He fought for me then; He’ll surely fight for me now.

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New Music and Teaching 

My new song "With Me" is out and available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and Google Play! 


Renner Worship    WITH ME   Official Lyric Video
With Me - Renner Worship - Lyric Video

What God Did in September
This was a month of new connections and travel. I really enjoyed the time I spent in Atlanta, where I had the privilege of being apart of a TV program called “Atlanta Live.” It is a local program that is aired in Atlanta, but the segment in which I sang and shared my testimony will be re-aired on a national level. I believe that God will use this program to encourage people to reach forward and grab hold of their destiny and call. 

In Chicago, I had a wonderful time as well. I met with the worship leader of Moody Bible College. This college has thousands of students all from different backgrounds. I was really blessed by this young man’s heart and desire for worship. Our hearts connected, and I believe it was a point of contact for the future!


As I was leading worship at Millennial Church in Tulsa one Sunday, the anointing was so strong. As guest evangelist Adam Smith and Pastor Paul Brady started to pray for the sick, words of knowledge began to manifest, and God’s power began to move through the congregation, but also in the online presence. There was a young boy who was watching the service online, and one of his eyes that he previously could not see out of became completely clear. God did a miracle in that little boy’s life! 

This teaches me that miracles happening in the church take cohesion. In this instance, the evangelist, pastor, and worshiper were all working together to see this miracle take place! 

This month, I also had a great opportunity of leading worship on the streets in downtown Tulsa with Feet on the Streets (the Millennial outreach team). As the team played music on the streets, people were being ministered to. One person was about to commit suicide, but the worship touched her heart, and she gave her heart to the Lord right there on the street. God is good, and He is doing great things everywhere His people are willing to be His hands and feet! 

Philip Renner shares that during Worship God does the miraculous! Transform your worship to be a powerful time of ministry!

New Project!

I am working on the release of my first book Worship With No Limits. I am very excited about it!

Upcoming Ministry 

Please pray for my trip to Russia. I will be ministering in the Moscow Good News Church. It will be great to be back “home”!

We Are Praying for You!

Thank you for your prayers and financial support. I am able to share the Gospel everywhere I go because of you! Please pray and ask God whether you should sow into the book I’m getting ready to publish that I believe will be a great blessing to worship leaders and the whole Body of Christ. Also, please pray about sowing into my trip to Russia or into the radio release! Every gift you sow is a huge blessing and is valued and appreciated. My family and I are praying for you. We know God is moving us all forward! 

Your friend in Christ,


Philip Renner

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