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About Us

Philip Renner- missionary, author, worship leader, speaker, revivalist, recording artist, 
songwriter leads Philip Renner Ministries, Worship Without Limits and Renner Worship Music. 

It all started when Philip age 6 and the Renner family which includes his father and mother, Rick and Denise, brothers Paul and Joel, answered the call to missions during a very perilous time in former U.S.S.R. The family moved from Tulsa, OK, to Russia where they planted “Moscow Good News Church” a thriving congregation of over 4000 in the heart of Moscow. Philip served for over 7 years as youth pastor and worship leader, under father /pastor Rick Renner.  

Philip was one of the first national Russian language touring worship artist, teaching youth and churches how to create their own original worship in their church and city with a foundation of fasting and prayer. It is a unique calling for an American to have asignificant role in an on-going revival across Russia and neighboring countries”.   

From the mission field of Russia God gave Philip Renner a burden for American and relocated with his family and two children to Tulsa  in 2015 ( Read article in CCM Magazine about his worship outreach https://www.ccmmagazine.com/features/philip-renner-carrying-the-fire/ ) 

Philip started his music career as a songwriter for EuroVison and MTV pop stars. During this time, Philip was offered a major recording contract, but felt a call to launch his ministry full time in 2013 to lead and teach faith, missions, worship, prayer and fasting. This resulted in hundreds of bookings, camps, conferences, festivals and tours of Armenia, Belarus, Cypress, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Russia, UK and United States. 

Philip has authored a ground breaking book “Worship Without Limits” published byDestiny Image/Harrison House. This book will feature teachings found on his Philip Renner Ministries podcast on iTunes, Google, TuneIn and SoundCloud.